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PLZZZ answer this if u ever went camping! :-)?

is this ok for a 12 yr old girl for camping outdoors? or is it for sleepovers and stuff like that? thx in advancealso what do u reccomend for a mother whos going camping 4 the first time(from walmart)


yes, it's ok for 12 yrold to go! Kids of all ages go and have fun, it's a great experience - even if they end up hating it! As far as suppliesyou need a tent, sleeping bags (or use blankets seeing as it's so flippin hot now) you can get either egg crates to sleep on (most economical) or air mattressesSince this is your first time, I'd recommend setting up your tent in the day time so you can see what you're doing :) lantern and fuel flashlight stove (uses same fuel as lantern) matches/lighter ice chest food/drinks/bottled water toilet paper chairs firewood deck of cards/books/board game marshmallows wire hangers!! aluminum foil spices pots/pans/paper plates CAN OPENER When you shop, just buy the necessities.they have all kinds of neat stuff you may not really needIf you guys decide you'll do it again, then next time you can get all that kind of stuffI always make a list of everything I'm gonna need in categories, sorta like I did here- sleeping stuff oking stuffPlan your meals too so you know what you'll needhope you have a great time!!

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