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Pneumatic welding machine, welding 3MM steel plate and 12 nut, how should be set?

Preloading time:Pressurization timePreheating timeintervalSlow risewelding currentWelding timeintervalSlow downTemper currentTemper timeMaintenance timeResting timePressurization delayPressurization timeWhat are the implications and setting techniques for these parameters?


I'm not familiar with the welding machine, and I feel that your workpiece is better with the resistance spot welder. Many of the factories I saw are resistance spot welding and welding nut plates. Are you sure it's a butt welder? Did you make a mistake?!
I wonder if your control box is which manufacturer, which model, I will take Tianjin business for example! I'm on the control box with juntengfaPreload time: around 10Pressure time: this point is longer, so that the foot of the nut is close to the plate before the discharge. Hit 12-16Preheat time: this one doesn't workInterval: less than 10Slow rise: no!Welding current: hit half of the maximum peak of the machine, the strength is not enough, and then add, and then reduce the point.Welding time: 5-10 to see welding effect, add and subtractInterval: do not hit the following, take a look at the machine factory settings, some parameters regardless of himSlow downTemper currentTemper time: This is 0Maintenance timeResting timePressurization delayPressurization timeIn case of fire, add welding time and current down.
You can supply me with the power of your machine, so that I can help you.

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