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polishing silver: calgon, foil & salt?

i used to have an 'old wives' recipe for polishing silver quickit involved putting calgon (water softener), salt, and hot water in a basin, putting a sheet of aluminum foil at the bottom, and then dumping your silver init polished silver in a matter of seconds(the chemicals created a battery that got rid of the oxidation.)i've lost the measures needed to do this, and haven't been able to get it workdoes anyone else use this method?p.sobviously this doesn't work on silver with ornamental decoration (everything comes clean) or jewelry pieces with glued-in rhinestones and such.


You may have seen this on PBS, Haley's Hints: Run a quart of hot water into your kitchen sink (cool enough not to burn you)Dissolve 1 tbspwashing soda (or laundry water softener) and 5 tbspsalt in the waterPlace a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom of the sink and place your tranished silver on the foilThe silver that touches both the foil and covered by water should become clean in 10 secsIf badly tarnished, rub silver item with a cloth after removing it from the waterOR.next time you boil potatoes, cool the leftover potato water and dip your tarnished silverware into it.

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