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Power cable fuse to amp keeps blowing?

My amp was working this morning. On my way home, the power cable came out somehow. I put it back in and it wasn't powering on. The amp fuses were blown, I replaced them. Then I went to hook the battery terminal back and the fuse in my power cable blew instantly. I replaced it and tried again and it blew again. Also the fuses in the amp are fine now. I did the same process when I installed my amp the first time and it was fine so I don't know why it's doing this now. The amp is a Boston Acoustics 800w RMS amp and an 80a fuse. Any ideas?


Look at your previous question. I told you what it probably is. Either you have strand(s) of power wire stick out somewhere and touching something it shouldn't be touching. Or. You tapped the power wire on something during removal and cooked the amps power supply. The current flow from a shorted circuit gets very hot, very fast.
Sep 26, 2017
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Sep 26, 2017
you got a short to ground, make sure ANY part of the Positive (hot) wire is not touching the chassis
Sep 26, 2017

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