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Power wire ground wire and speaker wire please answerrrrr?

ok i have 3 questions...i have a oldsmobile cutlas supreme and i have a 0 gauge power wire that is 17 feet is that long enough???? and i have 0 gauge ground that is 17 feet is that long enough....and about the speaker wire..i have 8 gauge speaker wire that is 25 feet..is this a good setup.make sure u answer all these questions please thank you..


Power wire only has to be long enough to get from the battery to the amp with an inline fuse close to the battery. (within 18) Ground wire should be no longer than 2feet from the amp to chasis. 8 gauge is good but may be overkill for some speakers. If your speaker doesnt call for 8 gauge wire, then use a smaller gauge. If your speaker does need 8gauge wire, make sure the amp can accept this size
8-10 awg could be extra desirable than sufficient for floor. Make a sturdy floor... run it removed from any the +ve and speaker wires... and make confident the bare metallic on the physique artwork is advantageous and clean... this could make each and all the version as you may understand between stable sound and a relentless humming on your audio gadget... sixteen-22 awg for audio gadget reckoning on your determination and producer suggestions. IMHO the audio gadget purely desire a sign and the decrease gauge does not make a great difference. in certainty a speaker run on 4 awg can sound worse than an 8 awg... however the right way is to fulfill a million/2 way and characteristic sixteen-22 awg. The lighter twine additionally ability you shop cable weight.

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