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Pratt & Whitney tip: smart water meter is not out of the water, how to do?

Pratt & Whitney tip: smart water meter is not out of the water, how to do?


I believe that the vast numbers of users in the intelligent water meter is not out of water, the first reaction is that the water meter is not bad? As a matter of fact, there are many reasons why the intelligent water meter does not produce water. It does not mean that the water meter must be out of order. In fact, as long as you learn to communicate with intelligent water meters, you can easily find the cause of the problem and solve it, and become a "smart water meter expert", you can do it. In fact, the water meter is "talking": the smart water meter comes with a LCD screen, and the water meter will tell you how it works by the screen.
In the face of water intelligent water meter, excluding the impact of external factors such as water, should be timely check the remaining water into the user card, when everything is normal and water balance is adequate, part of LCD display the remaining water and the "valve" signs; when the display is "valve off", "alarm", that the remaining water is insufficient, the user the user must hold the card to buy water buy water, complete recharge card to open the valve, water meter to water again. When the internal power supply power shortage, LCD will display "under pressure" and "off valve", for the first time that can be inserted into the card user to re open water supply valve, the battery can continue to keep the supply of around 24 hours, users should notify the maintenance personnel to replace the battery as soon as possible. The amount of water used up, the battery power shortage, man-made attacks or failures. When the water quota is used up, the battery is short of power and the people are attacked, the intelligent water meter valve is automatically closed. The utility model belongs to a normal condition, and the water meter and the valve can be automatically opened when the water is purchased, the battery is changed or the utility model is attacked and cleaned. If the intelligent water meter fails, such as sealing is not good, resulting in partial damp or water inlet, valve fouling, resistance increases, etc., water meter valve will not open. The emergence of this situation is directly related to the design and quality control capability of intelligent water meter manufacturers, which can be avoided from the existing technology.
The new anti attack IC card water meter has automatic protection function. When the magnetic field is close to or the signal line is cut, the actuator receives the controller instruction, automatically closes the valve, and displays the "valve off" and "magnetic interference" mark. Users need to check the intelligent water meter water meter is soaked in water, the surrounding environment, short-term, or by magnetic field attack, after the card to open the valve, if not, please inform the maintenance department maintenance management.

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