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Preventing/treating mold in my car?

In Gustav the back window of my car blew out and I got some water in my carIs there anything I can spray to prevent mold growth or kill what may have already grown without damaging the seats or anything?


Depends on why you are bakingBaking paper (parchment paper) will not burnAluminium refelct the heat, and in the process, depending on how you use it, can incease the heat of the cooking area.
Back in the days before baking paper was made, we did everything on aluminum foilHope that helps.
James, I've just tried someone else suggestion concerning mold and mildew in a car interiorBuy several cheap shallow aluminum foil cooking pans and 10 - $1.00 boxes of backing soda from WalmartFill each foil pan half full with baking sodaI placed 3 small ones on the dash, 3 on the top of the rear deck lid, removed the rear seat back and seat, one large one in each footwell and two large ones where the rear seat was before I removed it If the interior has fully dried roll the windows up and let the baking soda consume the mold and mildew for 1 -2 weeksI've had the baking soda in our winter-beater for 5 days and the rotten moldy stench is gone!

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