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question about iPad keyboards?

For school next year, we are getting iPads, and I'm planning on getting a wireless bluetooth keyboard for mine. But I was wondering if, with a bunch of people in class trying to use them, if my iPad could pick up the wrong keyboard? I know that you're supposed to press a button on the bluetooth keyboard and scan for wireless devices on your iPad to make it work, but if someone else is doing it at the same time, could the iPad pick up the wrong keyboard? Could this happen, and if so, would it be better to get a wired keyboard? Thanks :)


It is possible for the iPad to pick up the wrong keyboard, but quite unlikely. You should pair them either when everyone else has done theirs, or before the class starts. Worst case scenario, you get the wrong keyboard connected, and just disconnect it and try again. Also, there are no wired keyboards for the iPad; they are all bluetooth.

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