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Question on ceiling insulation in basement bedroom?

Our basement bedroom does not have insulation in ceiling between joists but it is possible to insulate from another area that is not finished but I would have to use the insulation which is blown in between the joists. Is this a good insulation and is it practical to do for noise reduction? Otherwise, we would have to tear out the ceiling in the bedroom and use the fiberglass insulation. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for noise reduction? This is a new home.


Hanging sound-suppressing ceiling tiles will cut down on the majority of the noise.
Noise reduction would be the greatest benefit, because the ceiling is not exposed to lower temperatures. If the joists are unobstructed by solid braces, there are insulators who bore a hole in each end between joists and pump in a foam type insulation. I have seen this done to outside walls on a house before putting on siding.
You wouldn't be able to poke in Fiberglass that's for sure. Also it doesn't absorb that much sound anyway. Blown in wouldn't help that much either (after a couple of years it settles anyway). You appear to be looking for sound proofing. There are many different kinds of ceiling tile out there and you should check out as to which works best and include wall material too as just the ceiling alone may not do the job well enough plus you would need to do the door too. (There isn't much you can do about the windows unless you block them). Best of all check out a building materials store or someone who has done something similar. Good luck!

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