real estate license.?

I am about to graduate from high school and i am going to collge to be a real estate agent. But i have one question what is a " license " to be a real estate agent. I see it always on every bussiness website. Why do people get this licese thing for real estate what does it do ?Is it like a fake thing to be a real estate or What.As soon as i graduate im going to college for real estate but i dont understand the whole licese thing. Thanks for the help.


Each state makes their own laws for licensing any professional, including real estate agents. Most require a test, and few if any waive the test for out of state licenseholders. I'm not sure if any require a course at all, even for first timers. I can tell you that the courses are designed to tell you the things you need to know to pass which are matters of law, not necessarily common sense, that will tend to vary from state to state. For example: Does the state require you to pay a buyer interest on the deposit/earnest money? Is it permissible to represent both the Buyer and the Seller? If so, what must you do to prove informed consent of both? What is the minimum amount of time you must put into the contract for the buyer to obtain a licensed home inspector? Must you put any at all? Are hubbard clauses legal? Is the contract legally binding without earnest money? Take the course.
First off, it seems like you have more than one question, so I will try to answer them all. #1 - What is a license to be a real estate agent: The license means you are approved to do business in real estate. I'll break it down, it is sort of like a driver's license, you passed a test, and now you can drive. You passed a test, and now you can sell real estate. #2- What does it do - It gives you credibility in the real estate community in most cases. If you don't understand this basic concept of real estate, this probably isn't the business for you. From your sentence structure and spelling, I'm wondering if you can successfully move into this profession. Much is weighted on your ability to interact with people, and your level of education to succeed in this business is suspect in my eyes. Maybe you should explore other opportunities..........
You don't go to college to become a real estate agent. Depending where you're from, each state is different, you'll most likely have to become licensed to be a real estate agent. In Indiana, I know you have to have a license to list or sell someone elses property. What is your college major? If it's real estate, then you're wasting your time. Maybe you should call an agency you're interested in joining to find out more about the profession before you decide to make it your career.
What are the requirements? Prospective real estate agents must be high school graduates over age 18, and must pass a written test that consists of questions regarding basic real estate transactions and laws. Most states require between 30 and 90 hours of classroom instruction for prospective real estate agents. Candidates for a broker's license must have between 60 and 90 hours of classroom training, along with 1-3 years experience selling real estate.
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