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Remove battery acid / rust stains from concrete?

How do you remove battery acid or rust stains from a concrete driveway?


Epoxy resins are generally does not dissolve in ,however solvents like EGMBE i.e. Ethylene Glycol Mono Butyl Ether can be tried for softening/ getting rid of caked-in epoxy resin. This solvent is being used in Oil industry for cleaning operations.
Not a good location for a smoke detector. If possible, move it. You really should have it near the bedrooms. If it is a hard-wired unit, then look for a replacement unit that has a snooze button on it. No fooling, like an alarm clock, it will disable the detector for about 10 mins. PS hardwired means 110 volt electricity, so be certain to turn off the power before you attempt any kind of replacement.

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