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removing deposits from fountains?

I have 6 table top fountainsAt my old house I ran them almost every day I have since moved and kept them pack for the last year because I have been SO busy I have not been able to decorateI notice that there are serious deposits from water in the bottom of themI really want to remove themI have looked online and found many people recommend vinegar or CLR for these types of things.My concern is there is rubber tubing that carries the water and there is also deposits in themI want something that I can run through the fountains to make sure all the deposits are out of all the areasI am afraid both CLR and vinegar will eat through the tubingI did read the instruction manuals for them all and found no help.Does anyone know what I should use?


you can run vinegar through without damaging the tubingCLR will react with aluminum (the pump?) but shouldn't harm the tubingDo not use Bleach products as bleach will dry the rubber causing eventual failure.

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