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Repairing / removing a glued down engineered floor?

I had a chemical spill on part of an engineered floor that I laid down a few months ago (the glued down type). Now I need to repair it, but have two problems:1. How do I do it, because there is a toungue and groov on every edge, so I cant figure out a way without removing half the floor (to the wall).2. I am having trouble getting up the old flooring because the glue sticks so well. They sell long-handled scrapers at the store, but I suspect that it wouldn't work at all. I have tried both a chisel and putty knife, but can only remove an inch every 10 minutes. A grinder with a grinding wheel causes lots of burning, and I risk damanging a nearby plank. Is there an easier/faster way?


I set a circular saw to the depth of the board and cut a section out. Taping off surrounding boards w/ a painters tape so I dont cut to far since the sawdust will seem to hide the next board. Then with a chisel I chisel that piece out ..Very carefully!! Then chisel the tounge and groove section in toward the middle. Elbow grease and a sharp chisel and scraper are the only way to go.. then you ll have to cut off the tounge part by setting the blade just to the top of the tounge so you don t damage the edging.. Trial fit all boards, then glue down and you ll have to top nail and fill in nail holes.. If your on cement you ll have to put weights atop till the glue sets. It s a downfall of any glue downed floor but it s the only way sorry GL

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