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Replace or paint metal security door?

The door is structually fine. It has some rust and I would like to change the color. A new door will cost $200+ for same quality. Is it going to be better/cheaper to replace the door or have a painter repaint it? I assume a professional will prime, etc.. Can they actually be repainted to look good?


Metal Security Door
Go and buy some rust eater as this will turn the rust back to Metal and then paint it,Or get a painter to paint it and yes it will be cheaper to repaint it.
It may be cheaper to have it painted. It may sound strange, but check with a auto body shop, the automotive paint is durable and they'd be able to give you colors to choose from and have it done rather quickly. They will take care of the rust and prime for you, also.
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This sounds like a job you might want to do yourself. I the rust has 'raised' the surface (surface is not smooth because of it as opposed to just having changed the color) you can sand it down with coarse sandpaper. I spray paint could work well here (like rustoleum). All you have to remember is that you need to spray lightly again and again rather than trying to completely cover one spot at a time. (This may cause you to get drips running down the door or 'puddles' of paint.) I say spray paint because I'm thinking you will want a semi-gloss finish but don't particularly want brush strokes in it.

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