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replacing a laptop keyboard?

I have a gateway mx5776 laptop i think thats the name. a few keys on my keyboard have broken and i am considering buying a replacement keyboard on OKorder. they cost around 30 if the warranty does not cover it. how would i replace it? or should i get a store to do it for me(warranty/paying for repair)? thanks.


Is it still under Warranty? If so, you could take it to the Geek Squad at any local Best Buy, hand them the Laptop, the AC Adaptor, the new Keyboard, and your receipt from purchase, and they will fix it, otherwise it would be probably $39 to install the new keyboard, since it is just a Hardware install (I work at a Geek Squad in Best Buy). You could also have them send it to gateway if still under warranty, but as it has been said earlier, it would take at least 2 weeks, probably longer.
Alex, if the laptop is still in warranty, then take it to a local gateway store and have them do the repair. It really doesn't take much time to change out the key board. Ask an see how long they will take to do the repair, so you won't be wondering when there going be done with it.
Usually on Gateway laptops you can pry off the bezel that is located where the buttons are North of the keyboard, and then there are 3-4 screws holding in the keyboard. You will also want to check the bottom of the laptop for any screws that may go clear through to attach the keyboard or the bezel. After you get that far there is a ribbon cable that connects the the motherboard with a slot type connector that usually has a lever to release the tension.
There are usually three to five screws on the bottom of the laptop that are removed to allow the keyboard to come free. Once unscrewed, a slight pry up of the keyboard from the front will allow it to slide up and free. Be careful when removing the keyboard as components are now exposed. Also take care when disconnecting the ribbon cable on the underside of the keyboard. Replace in a reverse fashion.

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