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Replacing water pump?

I need to replace a water pump on a '95 3100 Pontiac Grand Am and am looking for a guide how to do it. Also, do I need to flush out the coolant or can I just put a pan underneath the water pump and let the coolant pour out when I take the water pump off? Thanks.


some autos have diverse designs. The water pump on my 96 Century would were finished in a be counted of minutes. the position as some are a lot deeper in the engine. frequently, to modify a water pump like it is extremely somewhat an additional desirable step than replacing the timing belt. it is the reason it is continuously a good idea to do them both right now.
Sep 22, 2017
never let the coolant pour put a pan under the car to drain it if it is clean you can reuse it if it is not then take it to the city dump they will take it for free some aoutopart stores will take it for free but please don't let it pour or go on the drain that **** is really really bad for the water we dirnk , and for the guide on how to replace it it is really simply use labels and plastic bags with labels to identify the parts , i read this advice before replacing the maniffold on my e 350 and i said **** that im not stupid , guess what i did replaced it and everything but at the end i was missing screws and i had some screws extra that did;t fit anywhere , learn from the advice not from your own experince
Sep 22, 2017
no you need to drain the anti-freeze out of the radiator. after your done you can flush it or you don,t have to. take the belt off, take the bolts out, clean the surface on the engine, put a new gasket on the new pump, put some sealer on the gasket ( both sides) place the pump on the engine, put the bolts back in and tighten them evenly, put the anti-freeze back in, put the belt back on, start it up and check for leaks.
Sep 22, 2017

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