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SC-Does your city/town have any abandoned nuclear missile silo?

Is anyone buying them up and using them for condos for the so-called quot;doomsdayquot; ? are they selling them for millions?What your thoughts on this.


there are none in are City my sweet friend,and it does not sound a nice place to live,and if people think that they will be safe in them,they wont,it would take Hundreds of year,before its safe to come out,and there would be nothing to come out to,well they would be long dead by then,so just a wast of time and money.
But I've heard that most of them are full of water and junk and mold and poisonous rocket fuel, and it takes a lot of money to make them habitable.
Hi YGG, A town near me had one (supposedly), but the base closed. So I guess the town got it. But no one that I know of here are using them for anything. I would hate to be stuck in a condo with many of the people that I know ! I saw houses built in the 50's that had bomb shelters....5 foot thick concrete walls. We had some 12 foot thick walls where I worked in nuke research.
No silo around here, if there is a doomsday this Island will sink anyway,it's just a scam to make money on frightened rich people.
If people have that amount of money, I suppose they need to spend it on SOMETHING !

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