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Scaffold piercing still throbing?

Hi guys!...ive had a scaffold piercing for a little over 2 weeks and when i got it done it bled quite alot...this obviously made some scabs...but every time i clean it the scabs come off and its starts bleeding again...and just before i posted this i found abit of puss like fluid round the back of it!I clean it twice a day and avoid touching it What have i done wrong :(Plus my mum is now like quot; i told you so quot; LolCheers :)


Ear cartilage piercings generally take longer to heal than lobe piercings. This is often due to a combination of things, such as the location of the piercing in the cartilage, the type of jewellery used and the tension that jewellery creates to the structure of the cartilage. Using biocompatible plastics (like PTFE), cleaning cartilage regularly, and increasing your intake of minerals will certainly benefit your piercing; however a piercing will almost always be doomed to failure if improper jewellery and poor planning are used and left unmonitored.

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