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Scared the speed bumbs will make my water break!?

I am joking just a little because I know it is rediculous but I really would like to know. Has anyone ever hit a speed bump towards the end of pregnancy and had it break there water? Because we have HUGE speed bumps by my house and my job and I go over them super slow but sometimes when I'm with someone else they go a little faster and we pop up a bit in our seats. Any one have any thoughts on this lol?


The problem is not current but voltage. You have millions of volts at thousands of amps DC. There is nothing that will work at that voltage without arcing over. Tapering the wires buys you nothing, and there is no reason to do that. If the power is to be usable, it has to be in the form of 60Hz AC. AC has the advantage of being easy to transmit long distances and easy to use in the home. And you can shift voltage with AC from 100kv for transmission to 240v for household use. Since you have to transform the DC to AC at some point, so do it at the location of the lightning rod, not thousands of km away. The problem is capturing, storing, and transforming the millions of volts at thousands of amps DC to usable AC..
It's more resistant to tearing, some have a high resistance to fire. A great example would be qualification with the M16A2. In BDUs ACUs, having no elbow pads will be enough to cause your elbows a bleed a little, but have no holes or visible rips on those areas of the uniform.

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