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Sculpey and Sculpting Questions!?

Hi, i have a lot of questions about sculpting figures, because I plan on making an anime figure for a project.1Can you rebake sculpey polymer clay? lets say I built the lower half of the figure, then bake itOnce it does, can I attach the torso then bake it again? will the already baked part, the lower half, be ok? or will it burn it?2Is it best to use aluminum wire or copper wire for an armature3If the answer to the first one is yes, will there be a limit for it? especially with the wire?4Will the details remain intact exactly how they are after baking? (i know its a dumb question but still)5Can you attach the figure to a base with a strong adhesive?sorry for the many questions, just a little curious before I startThanks in advance!


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Most likely a variety of paints and dyes stain rubber and resin dolls, however might be you would put anything on the inside of the headband like a rubber strip or sticky again felt so that the exact paint wont be resting on the dolls head.

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