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seeking advice on cracking grout/creaking tiles?

We recently renovated and trying to save money, we did the tile ourselves after some research. We used thinset, then backerboard, screwed the backer-board down (extra screws in high traffic areas) then thinsetted the tiles down according to instructions using a 1 inch trowel and grouted. Most of the rooms are fine (for now) but here‘s the problem:Through the main pathway, we started hearing what sounded like a sandy noise. Not good as the thinset is sandy. Today, I‘ve noticed that the grout along a few of the tiles is beginning to crack meaning the tiles must be flexing. The tiles are discontinued, have brand new cabinets on top of them and won‘t be easy to take out and replace.What should I do? Would putting large rugs over it help, with the intention of cushioning the footsteps?


A couple possibilities, the use of such a large trowel wasn t needed. The thin set may not have been set up before foot traffic was on it,and the bond was broken, leading to loose tiles and thus grout cracking. The thinset may have been to thick or thin leading to not bonding or poor bonding. The grout may have been to watery and thus weak from to much water or to much water was used in washing the tile when grouting. What are you wanting to do? Repair the tiles?Regrout? To find out if the tiles are loose, get down and rap your knuckles on the tile with the cracked grout and then off to the side in a less used area. If the tiles you suspect are loose, there will be a hollow sound especially along the edge of the tile.It should sound firm on the other area. You don t need a handy man for this. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
Sep 13, 2017
You call a professional handyman or handy-woman for advice
Sep 13, 2017

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