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Should I buy a guitar with nylon or steel?

I am a beginner (never played before!) and I am going to try to teach myself since I think it is a lovely instrument. I am fourteen-years-old so I am not 'adult-size', haha. Anyway, what is difference between nylon strings and steel strings?Thanks :)


Small guitars easier to find in classical range. I assume their must be small steel strings but not seen them.
Make your choice based on the type of music you intend to play. Nylon strings are used primarily for classical, flamenco and folk music. Steel strings are used for pop, rock, blues, country, folk, bluegrass.... Both types of guitar are tuned the same, so you *can* play any style of music on either guitar. The big difference is in the tone. Nylon strings are rich and full...if perhaps a little mellow. Steel strings are twangy and have a bite to the sound. There are differences in the construction and feel of the guitars, but that's not critical to your decision. Match the guitar to the music you intend to play. At 14 yrs old, you are certainly big enough for a full sized guitar....and I'll bet you're still growing, right? Even full sized guitars still vary in the size of the body. Try a few out to see how well they fit your reach.

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