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show polishing aluminum parts on motorcycle motors?

I had a similar question about how to de-gunk a motornow i have a little more in depth questionOnce i get all of the gunk and junk off of the motor and it's time to polish the aluminum to a show shine, HOW DO YOU POLISH BETWEEN ALL OF THE SMALL NARROW FINS? I can get a good show finish on things like valve stator covers and what not, but, when it comes time to polish the fins i'm at a lossthey are very thin, and very fragileit i put a buffer wheel to them, there's a high probability they'll snap like crackersnot to mention the fact that buffing wheels don't fit between the fins the other option is painting them, but, by doing so, i'd be making it harder for the engine to cool considering it's an air cooled bikeso, how do you show shine leafed heads ? Also, once you show polish aluminum covers and such, are you supposed to clear over them? thanks in advance


Merino wool is the name of itLooking at some of the web sites that sell it, it's all about the same priceNone of it is cheap in my opinion.
Use a dremmel tool with a buffing pad.It's a lot of work and you'll use a cht load of those little pads but you can controll the speed better than with a big wheel.

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