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Slate tiles for leopard geckos?

For a while now I have just used paper towels as a substrate for my 2 leopard geckos and I recently have been researching slate tiles as a substrate and I want to give it a try due to the positive feedback i‘ve seen on message boards and care sheets. Now, I have 2 10 gallon tanks that I would like to use but details are lacking from an online source.1. What measurements should i ask for when getting a piece of slate cut(for a generic 10 gallon tank)?2. Is there a certain thickness the slate should be for proper heat disbursement?3. How warm should the slate be allowed to get if i‘m monitoring it with a thermometer? I know I could measure out the tank myself, but I was just curious if there was a size that fit better than what a measurement would give me. Thank you for the feedback.


whats up, the final substrate to apply for person leopard geckos is youngster's play sand. in case you have a youthful gecko, it extremely is ultimate to place those on paper towel to dodge impaction, till they're approx. 6 inches long. Impaction skill that the gecko has eaten the substrate and can't bypass it - inflicting ailment! a lot of hides could be placed via the viv and counting on what number geckos are housed jointly, a minimum of a million humidity cover. good success.
I use slate tiles for my 3 geckos tanks. They work great. 1. A 10 gallon tank is generally 20in X 12in. Because not all the tiles are the same size I would go with cutting the tile slightly smaller to make sure they fit. So maybe 19 1/2 and 11 1/2. You will probably need 2 tiles for each tank so you could cut them anyway you want ( 10 and 10, 12 and 8, 6 and 6, etc. You can fill the gaps with sand later on. The 12 X12 tiles could be slightly smaller, slightly larger, or longer then they say. 2. No really, though you do want them to be fairly even in the tank. Most of my tiles are about 1/4 inch but I also have a layer of sand under the tiles so they are level even if the tiles are different thicknesses. 3. You want them to be warm but not too hot. Because leopard geckos use belly heat you'll want them about 88-90F. I would not let the tiles get over 95F though.

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