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Smoke detectors are not installed in my apartment building.. what can I do?

I moved into an apartment in Brooklyn. My apartment didn't have a smoke detector..when I told the landlord, he told me to buy one and deduct it from my rent. I did this but I have no idea if I even installed it right. He is a super nice guy, just super clueless as a landlord. There are also no smoke/carbon detectors in the hallways only shells where the once were and have since been removed. He doesn't seem interested in replacing them. Is there a way to alert the Fire Department without it appearing to come from me? I want a good relationship with the landlord, but there are only 5 apartments in the building. I think he would know it's mebut I don't feel safe. Any advice on what I can do?


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Try sending her this letter first to see what kind of response you get from her. Just modify it to what you need it to say Remember to send it Certified Mail Return Receipt. April 15, 2006 Joe Landlord 1212 Treelane Road Evergreen, WA 98000 Certified Mail Dear Mr. Landlord: Today I received your itemized statement explaining why you were withholding $100 of my deposit. In reviewing your statement, I noticed you were charging me to repair a window that was broken when I moved in. You also appear to be charging me to repair a burner on the stove which simply wore out. As I am sure you are aware, under the Washington Residential Landlord-Tenant Act you may not withhold my deposit because of damages that were there before I moved in or because or normal wear and tear. The Act also provides that if I am forced to sue you to recover my deposit, and I win, you may also have to pay court costs and attorney's fees. Please mail the remainder of my deposit to me at my new address: 456 Maple Drive, Dollar, WA 98001. If I do not receive your check within one week, I may file a lawsuit to recover my deposit. Sincerely, Ima Tenant EDIT ok if you have already sent her a letter demanding the remainder of your deposit back and you have video proof and everything pay the small fee for small claims court and see if she shows up. You only have to return the place in the same condition as you received it in when you moved in. Sounds like you did everything you needed to do in order to receive your deposit and your ex-landlord wants to keep some of the money for herself.
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