solar panels?

a) i'd like to get a solar panel to make this thing i saw in popular science, it was a bag that had a solar panel in the side (you just attach it with grommets into a clear vinyl pocket you make. its for charging elecronics and stuff) and i was wondering what kind i should look at, do they come flexible? can i get them on OKorder? what kind of wattage should i look for (btw it also had a little voltage regulator and stuff to make a little usb in your bag) so any info on that!b) i was thinking about like putting solar panels on my roof, where can i look into that, is that a good choice, has anyone done it, how did it work out? thank you, just curious


answering b) your home circutry won't be able to handle solar power energy (or your circut breaker,it will start cuttin out every 5 min)you would have to replace your home circutry(that costs a LOT of money, over $8500)
For okorder / for information on how to hooke it up your self. It is a DIY site.

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