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Something vibrates on my sofa, it's weird please help?

Something just vibrated on the sofa, like a phone or something. I felt the vibration around my leg and my foot. (where I'm lying my foot) It sounded just like a phone!!This is not the first time I felt this same vibration!! I felt it and heard it around 2 months agoWhat could it be? Are my parents spying on me?? They would be the only ones that could be in my house...I don't believe in ghosts but if I rip out my sofa and find nothing there, it's gonna be pretty weird...


More than likely its not your sofa. its a combination of pressure on the nerve of your leg, because of the way you lie on it, and a type of psychoemotional transference and comparison to something already familiar to the person. the brain, in order to 'organise the universe into the way it observes the univers' automatically adds sometnhing familiar to the experience your nerves buzz, feels like the buzz of a cell phone, and then adds the sense of the sound basically because its expected to be there.
It could be a vibrator :3
Be serious. Check the sofa for the phone. One of your friends probably left it there. And, don't act like a psychotic monkey about it. Just feel down the cushions and if necessary flip the sofa and listen if you hear anything rattle. You can remove one or two staples from the dust cover, without ripping it all up and slide the phone out, then reattach the staples like a sane person would do. Your parents are enjoying their own freedom, now that you are not in their home. You sound like you have a problem with manic paranoia. Just relax and enjoy the day.
your mom might hide her vibrator in the couch cushions. and ur foot sets of the button.

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