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soo its 3 in the morning and?

its freezing! im soo cold, im wrapped up in 2 blankets while doing hw and im still cold.should i start a small fire going in my room to keep it warm? are you cold?


well I'm the dog of course and all the trolls are the fire hydrant..
I love both, but I'd have to go with roller coasters. There's some water rides I hate, but there's never been a coaster that I hate.
In 5th Gen Pokemon, Electrike can learn these moves as egg moves. Make sure the father knows both of these moves. For the Lightning Rod ability, make sure the mother has that ability, and have her hold an Everstone. An Everstone boosts the LIKELIHOOD of passing on the mother's ability. It doesn't always guarantee it. After following these steps, just hatch a few eggs and you should have the Electrike you're looking for.

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