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Substitute for aluminum foil?

I planned to slow-cook chicken for dinner, but realized we are out of foilI have no way of getting to the store before tonight to get any moreIs there a substitute I can use, or do you suggest I find another way of cooking the chicken?


if you need another hole for your wire just drill one.
drill also, ayeGet a Haynes Manual and get technical
There should be no reason to replace it again with only 25K on the engine he installedIt will not add any significant amount to the value of the car but it will be a good selling point to help counter the high mileage issue.
if you plan to slow cook it then i would use a slow cooker or a casserole dish in the oven with lid this way you are not having to keep checking it if you did it in a pan on the top of your stove or you could put it in a roasting tin and baste it as there is no substitue for foil sorry hope this helped you

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