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Switching power supply carrying capacity how to test ??

I bought a 3C certification 12V 500mA power adapter, I use 15 ohm 5W resistance to measure the voltage (12V, current 800mA) supposedly the specification is 500mA, more than 600mA should be protected, but why will show 800mA The The In addition, I use 10 ohm resistance to measure it to protect, is not the way I measured is not so measured? Or is this power adapter not 12V 500mA specification but 12V 1A? The The Solve? The Seek test method The


The rated value is connected to the 500mA pure resistance load current measurement.
Some set 1.2 times, 1.5 times, there are 2 times. The reason is to prevent the instantaneous impact of the current so that the power supply malfunction.
The protection value of the switching power supply is not equal to the rated value, the general protection value is greater than the rated value.

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