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The cable tray crosses the fire shutter door

Renovation project, the cable bridge to pass through the fire shutter doors, but the actual situation at the top of the door beam can not open the hole, next to the bypass construction is very difficult, whether it can be in the rolling door below the ground to add a firewall, the equivalent of raising the fire shutter Floor. Then the bridge is laid along the ground through the newly added firewall. Is there any relevant specification for reference? More


In this short few minutes, the staff to escape, and sometimes smoke, can not see the ground, hit the fire shutter door under the threshold or slope, will such a situation happen? Delayed the escape time, there may be a fire shutter door again down and sealed in the fire scene The consequences to find you
You people to raise the floor, where it becomes a slope or add a threshold to increase the resistance to escape, you think about it, can you? Tell you about this escape function: when the fire, the fire shutter doors will fall, but not all closed, down to half, stopped, so that people quickly escaped from the door, after a few minutes, Fire shutter doors continue to decline in the end, played a partition role
You want to understand the function of fire shutter doors; fire shutter doors from the partition; fire shutter doors from the escape role (this feature a lot of people do not know)

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