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The difference between an attic shelf and a steel platform

The difference between an attic shelf and a steel platform


Attic shelves and steel platforms are relatively common in warehouses. Suzhou Ke Reed shelf summed up, there are three differences in the following two aspects:First, the storage object is different: steel platform storage is generally applicable to the auto parts industry, suitable for the overall storage of parts and accessories. There are no restrictions on the type of goods stored in the attic shelves.Two, there are differences between the two structures: the bottom of the steel platform is often dominated by low laminated shelves, and the upper floors are usually made of plywood shelves, or shelves are not placed, and the stairs are only equipped with one floor. Mezzanine shelf bottom height specifications equivalent to ordinary plywood shelves or through shelves, the upper layer can be more demand placed, through, heavy, mold, a variety of shelves.Three, the use of different nature: attic shelves will be equipped with independent studio, lighting equipment, can accommodate staff office, life. Steel platform only warehousing function.
Steel structure platform, also called work platform. The structure of modern steel platform has various forms and functions. The biggest feature of the structure is the fully assembled structure, flexible design, and widely used in modern storage. An engineering structure made of steel, usually consisting of beams, columns, and plates, such as sections of steel, steel, etc., and welded together with welds, screws, or rivets.
The attic shelf is a simple shelf that makes full use of the upper space of the warehouse. Build an intermediate mezzanine on existing shelves or work sites to increase the storage area. On the floor of the attic, light and small or medium-sized goods can be placed or stored for a long time. Forklift trucks, conveyor belts, hoists, electric hoists or lifting platforms can be used to upgrade the goods.

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