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The effect of sodium chloride on mild steel?

I am doing a experiment on mild steel soaked in sodium chlorideanyone can enlighten me about the effect of the sodium chloride in engineering term ?The mild steel specimen which I soaked in the sodium chloride has orange rust on it


The mild steel contains a lot of Iron. The NaCl solution quickly attacks the iron content and forms rust. Over time, the solution may also cause what is called 'Chloride Cracking' of the steel. Pitting corrosion of stainless steel due to chlorides would certainly produce a rust-colored product. Passivation can be used to maintain a good corrosion resistant surface of stainless steel process vessel. There are many commercial products for this purpose. In the pharmaceutical industry, this process is often called derouging, that is to remove the buildup of iron oxides on the stainless steel process surfaces
Sep 27, 2017

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