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The hardness of copper bar

Which element determines the soft hardness of copper containing 57%?Or other reasons, absolute?43% of the other metals


You can add zinc brass why? The strength of the force!The main effect of copper is: 1, improve the corrosion resistance of.2, with the help of precipitation hardening to improve the tensile strength of.3 alloy, copper in those without precipitation hardening in steel can slightly increase the yield strength of.4 in carbon steel, it improves the hardenability and lower ductility.Add copper as if to join with nickel. Do not make copper brittle
To the clip with a high copper content. H70 should also pay attention to the other supply!! both brass factory heat treatment! To annealed texture soft and not easy to crack! You can do it yourself back! Low temperature annealing 300 degrees, 1 to 3 hours. The brand quality is also a problem. Recommended to buy manufacturers! There are brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and zinc! What is not to cut corners, adding zinc to improve the material strength and hardness of pure copper. Why do less machine parts? You cannot force it is soft!
You buy the brand is a brass rod? Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc in different grades! The ratio of copper and zinc, such as ordinary H70 7 into 30% copper zinc, zinc brass more harder but also more brittle cracking! Too much copper soft strength is worse! So different processing technology of different forging ZA belt!

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