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The motor power of the electric car is very large?

The motor power of the electric car is very large


1000W motors are electric, that's right. But to use 1000W 1000W motor controller, motor speed or you do not, under normal circumstances, 48v1000w rapidly in 4245km between general or 500W motor speed controller with 500W, 30km is more.
In addition, electric vehicle battery is now the power battery, charger and battery life and have a great relationship with the size of the power driving habits, seemingly it is indeed a very large power consumption, speed and distance in the most balanced 60v800w motor, the speed can be in 50km/ hours, mileage of up to 50km. 1000W only more than 200W, power consumption is little, do not worry. If your controller is changed to 48v1000w, your car will be in 42km/ hours, and the mileage will be 40km. I don't know. Did I make myself clear?
Upstairs said 60km the speed of electric motor is generally not up to, and in our words is the joy of table is ho, electric motor, motor specification is 60v1200w, it is about 55, not up to what they say is the 60 - hour speed 70km/. Shanghai light 72v1200w, 60km also like this. 48v1000w simply can not go 60km/ hours, speed below 50km can brake live, and if you run in the city, the speed is not fast, you can rest assured riding. Measure the speed of your car, within the miles you know, and see how much time it takes to get your car moving.

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