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the rubber piece to my crock pot lids vent is missingIs it still usable?

The vent is a little bigger without the rubber bitIs there something I can put on it until I have a new lid?


You don't really even need to replace it since slow cookers (including the brand called Crock Pot) don't create an air-tight cooking situationSome of the steam needs to escape or pressure would build up inside and the lid would get pushed offSome of the steam will also escape around the rim of the lid of a slow cookerThe idea is just to allow only some of the steam to escape though, and not enough to make it too hard for the slow cooker to maintain a temperature inside or to dry out the food too muchIf you want, you could always make the hole smaller in some way but wouldn't be necessaryFor example, you could use a piece of tape across part of the hole (then remove after cooking) though it might loosen from the steam coming out, or even put a piece of food across part of the hole, or cut an eraser so it would fit partly in the hole without falling in, or lay something over the hole but not air tight like perhaps a piece or cup of aluminum foil or just about anything You could also see if any of the o-rings sold at hardware and electronics places, etc, would fit your exact holeOr you could actually make your own o-ring from various materials, and even fom a 2-part silicone putty (costs around $20 but you'd have lots left over for all kinds of uses)(I think some of the other answerers were thinking of some kind of rubber edging around the perimeter of the lid rather than around only the tiny vent hole you mentioned.)

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