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The scrap standard of bulldozer in our country?

I would like to ask you, what is the current standard of bulldozer scrap in our country?Thanks for the new moon, but I think bulldozers should be engineering machines.


Bulldozers should refer to car scrapping standards[statute title] standard for scrapping of automobiles[text]State Economic and Trade Commission, State Planning Commission, Ministry of internal trade, Ministry of machinery industry, Ministry of public security, State Environmental Protection AdministrationAny civilian vehicle registered within the territory of China shall, in the following circumstances, be scrapped:A light truck emblem (including off-road) special vehicle for mining operations, the cumulative traveling 300 thousand kilometers, heavy and medium truck (including off-road) cumulative traveling 400 thousand kilometers, large, large, medium and light type passenger car emblem (including off-road), car traveling 500 thousand kilometers, a total of other vehicles travel 450 thousand kilometers;
Ha-ha。 Very professional......Can't be used or used, there will be dangerous.Or a fixed age limit?......
Two, light, Huizhou truck (including off-road), with trailer truck, special vehicle for mining operations and various types of car rental use for 8 years, other vehicles used for 10 years;Three, for a variety of reasons causing serious damage to vehicles or poor technical condition, can not be repaired;Four, models eliminated, no parts source; *

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