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Thermal relay several contacts role

The left side of the 6 input and output contacts on the right there are 4 input and output contacts have any use


6 are three-phase phase of the input and output, L1.L2.L3. For the input. T1.T2.T3 for the output, of course, some are not the subject, roughly. 4 contacts are normally open and normally closed. The upper and lower corresponds to a group of NC is normally open, NO is normally closed. There should also be an adjustable knob, according to the actual transfer of the current. If a similar electrical problems Can go to QQ group discussion: 36760239 electric group
May 9, 2017
6 contacts connected to the main circuit, 4 contacts control circuit
May 9, 2017
I am a DN enthusiast to answer the basic correct, but the NC group is normally closed contact, and NO is normally open contact, adjustable knob is to adjust the load device rated current value, to overload protection, in the load device due to (97-98) closed, connected to the fault alarm, normally closed contact NC (95-96) at the same time disconnect the control circuit power, so that the contactor to trip.
May 9, 2017

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