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ticketed in front of a green fire hydrant no red paint of curb?

this fire hydrant is in the corner also my house and we have been parking occassionally there for over 20yrs. fire hydrant is painted green and curve is not painted. received a ticket for parking there. is this legit and if so how far away am i suppose to park from it.


Once you installed Bearshare on your computer even if you have antivirus program. It is like leaving the door of your house open even if you have the best alarm security system. What you are telling your Antivirus program that everything that comes from Bearshare let it pass. This means that some songs/software/videos are infected with spyware or viruses. Therefore the Antivirus program will let it pass and the computer gets infected. Soon your computer is slow or even unusable. So, yes your computer will get slower
In my opinion , the Nexus made a bigger impact on their debut.that I will admit was probably one of the most epic things I've seen in the PG era. Only problem I had with them was that the leader alone was good on the mic and was the charisma of the whole group. Although the Nexus had a purpose , they didn't really stick with it because they focused on Cena too much and Cena alone has made them look weak. There was 7 of them , then 6. Unlike Nexus , the Shield was more cohesive and dominant in my opinion. After seeing what they did to Cena , Sheamus , and Ryback last week , The Shield has proven their dominance. And another thing , all of them can speak for themselves , Unlike the Nexus , who's voicebox was Wade Barrett. Don't get me wrong , I really liked the Nexus , but to say that The Shield is no where as important as Nexus just doesn't sound right to me. I do wish that The Shield would've had more in-ring matches and promos.

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