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Tiles or hardwood (Tasmanian Oak) Floorboards?

I am renovating, and have always loved white coloured tiles but am now starting to like these light coloured hardwood Tasmanian Oak Floorboards ....I have no idea on prices yet, what would cost more? and which one would look more beautiful??PS- i would NEVER put floating floorboards - they are cheap and nasty!


Hardwoods are classic. You can never go wrong with hardwood floors as far as resell value. I renovated two years ago. We have a 1500 sq/ft home. We did tile in the bath and hardwoods everywhere else. My husband wanted to tile the kitchen as well but we were talked out of it due to labor costs. Cleaning tile grout is troublesome, sealing it is ineffective if you have food stains or mud or something. My tile floors are very pretty but I regret it. Be sure to get real hardwood with NO laminate at all. Some hardwood floors are real wood on the surface but laminated onto a synthetic bottom. Be careful that way. Things to ask before choosing: How many times can they be refinished? Are they glued or nailed? (Glued are crappy, nailing is much more effective.) How do I clean them? (I use a steamer, no chemicals.) Will my subfloor support the hardwood? (we had to install a new subfloor). Oak and Hickory are the best HARD woods to choose from.
Sep 13, 2017

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