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Toilet water seepage may be the cause of angle valve?

Toilet water seepage to the neighbor area is not a significant long is my angle of the wall, I see no signs of leakage downstairs, the decoration is the angle valve loose seepage caused to be? (I have no water, a night outside the water didn't go)


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If the angle valve and wall buried pipe joint Water Leakage position, even if there is a small amount of Water Leakage can also detect, will touch the wet feeling, use toilet paper to wipe the watermark, this situation is very common, it is also very good, making some raw materials with tightening on the line.Now the decoration, mostly used is PP-R water pipe, if the wall is buried in the wall of the pipe elbow Water Leakage, common two kinds, one is when the defective pipe, there is not easy to detect the dew point, Water Leakage in the wall, repair can destroy the wall to melt; the other is a PP-R in the elbow of copper insert is too large due to external crack damage, also need to destroy the wall of the replacement, but the damage is easy to detect, there will be water seepage.According to your description, I estimate that when PP-R pipe is buried, some elbow of the pipe is leaking, and the leaking point is the top pipe of the wet wall next to the wall. It can test the pressure of your pipeThis answer is adopted by the questioner
There may be several reasons:1, check all kinds of valve leakage.2, check the toilet floor waterproof is not done well.3, check all kinds of sanitary ware installation, not glue seal.4, check all types of water supply and drainage pipes are damaged, leaked.

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