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TV back wall with artificial stone line okay

TV back wall with artificial stone line okay


Smooth, especially the black marble, once the reflective will damage the overall visual effects, and people feel dazzling uncomfortable, so today's mainstream products is not caused by light pollution, non-smooth design based.
Use marble to do TV backdrop, be sure to plan in advance the overall decoration style, such as the size of the background wall space, color style, such as the overall planning. In the design and planning, we must first consider the size of the TV backdrop space, according to the size of the TV and the size of the overall space to decide. The size of the marble, usually using 80 cm size stone assembly, which is easier to transport and installation, but there are some owners choose a large board. Specifically how to choose, or according to the preferences of the owners to decide. Marble a wide variety of colors and texture ever-changing, black and brown and other dark marble distinguished atmosphere, white, beige and other light-colored warm and full; simple and neat pattern to take the elegant line, there are distinctive lines to bring a strong impact. This is the need to follow the living room with the overall style of this principle.
In general, marble and more for the European-style living room decoration style. The marble as a TV backdrop of the decorative material, there will be a tough alternative style. Of course, this tough style to be homeowners and family recognition and acceptance Caixing. Compared with the noisy city, natural and simple marble gives a kind of psychological peace and quiet feeling. Choose them as a backdrop can make people feel good, to create a simple home style, is also a good choice. Marble walls and large living room, its delicate lines, smooth surface, with the atmosphere of natural furniture more highlights fashion.
TV backdrop and the door with artificial marble is also very good, and now the personality of the TV backdrop as a bright spot in the living room, with stone material to do the TV wall, will improve the quality of the home, noble and elegant, like a natural Of the exquisite handicrafts.

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