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Type meaning of welding rod

There are some electrode home models are R312, R317, J507, J422 these are used for what is now know, 2 mantissa is acidic, mantissa 7 is alkaline, I want to know that the four electrode is used to weld what, for example which used for stainless steel, which is used for carbon steel,


The method of welding rod type is as follows:The letter "E" said the first two bits digital electrode; the minimum tensile strength of the deposited metal; third digit electrode welding position, "0" and "1" electrode for all position welding (flat, vertical, horizontal, upward), "2" is suitable for welding and fillet welding welding, "4" is suitable for vertical down welding electrode; said welding current type and coating type third and fourth digit combinations. After fourth digits, additional "R" is added to indicate the resistance to moisture absorbing electrode. Additional "M" is used to indicate the resistance to moisture absorption and mechanical properties. The electrode with special requirements is added with "-1", indicating that the electrode with special requirements for shock performance is attached.
Jul 27, 2017
R312; R317 is molybdenum and chromium molybdenum heat-resisting steel welding rod, J507, J422 is low alloy steel welding rod, these two kinds can not weld stainless steel. J507, J422 for carbon steels
Jul 27, 2017
The carbon steel welding rod E represents the welding rod, and the first two figures indicate the minimum value of the tensile strength of the deposited metal. The third position indicates the welding position, and the three or four digit combination represents the type of welding current and the type of the coating.The stainless steel electrode "E" represents the electrode, and "E" is the digital code indicating the chemical composition of the deposited metal. "-" the two digits behind it indicate the type of the coating, the position of the weld and the type of welding current.Specifically, you can see GB5117, GB983.Such as structural steel electrode J422, J is steel structure code, 42 said that the tensile strength of weld metal grade (MPa value 1/10), said at the end of the 2 type of coating and the type of welding power source; and as the austenitic stainless steel electrode, A132, A austenitic stainless steel electrode of the code, the first digit said the main chemical composition of weld metal (Cr, Ni) level consists of second digits, in addition to Cr, Ni other metal components brand variety.The electrode model is based on the mechanical properties of the weld, the type of the coating, the location of welding and the type of welding current. Such as E4315, E is said 43 electrode, said the tensile strength of the deposited metal is minimum, third digits 0 and 1 indicate the position of welding, all position welding, suitable for welding 2 and 4 for horizontal fillet welding, vertical down welding, the last one said the current type and type of coating.
Jul 27, 2017

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