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U disk open, the inside of the file is all garbled, how to do?

My U disk opened today, and found that the name of the disk is garbled, after opening the file name inside some garbled, some normal, folder is also how to do it? I want to back the file! Help!!!


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This can be difficult, I also had this kind of thing, all of the folders and files are garbled, but U disk capacity is not right, the folder can not open antivirus do not check out, the final could not format.
U disk file garbled, can be repaired as follows:1) the U disk into the computer USB port, then open the "my computer", and find the right click on the disk, click the "properties" option on the right side of the menu options, click on the "tools" window in the window that appears when.2) then click "start check" button to enter the check disk window automatically fix file system check below the "error (A)" option and click the "start" button, the system automatically started to check and repair the U disk.3) check and repair the process takes a few minutes to wait, repair after pulling out a U disk. Again, insert the U disk into the computer, and the files inside can be displayed normally.

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