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USB power supply on the solution, recommended tools, or enlighten me DIY method can be, no one understands this?

The vertical clearance between the underground gas pipeline and the water supply pipe drain or other gas pipeline is


This matter to the professional fire company to do, in order to acceptance
the exhibition hall on the fire requirements of the relevant norms, if you want to ceiling, indoor all the spray mouth must reveal a certain size of the ceiling, but also to maintain the level
the general indoor separated out of the new space, in accordance with the fire code, you must add a separate smoke detector, but also to ask a professional company to do, the building is generally the maintenance unit This one and the above if the change is not good, then pass fire or property acceptance a lot of exhibition hall decoration process, because the attention is not enough, weak transformation (including cable and telephone lines, audio and video lines) often do not ask a special integrated wiring company to do At this point we must pay special attention to the data and voice labels must be done when the line, do not bring trouble to follow-up work all the wiring in the need to wear pipe, must use steel pipe, and can not be home furnishings in the common PVC pipe, box is also iron box, PVC can also be used, but the request is the case now a lot of buildings with central air conditioning and fresh air system, but the indoor outlet may not be able to meet the requirements Need decoration company commissioned by professionals to extend or transform the outlet, and the need for ceiling works with the exhibition hall ceiling regardless of the choice of asbestos board or mineral wool board, should use the screw rod suspension, so as to durable, with wire hanging is absolutely not allowed display props and office furniture into the field, the strength of the electric line needs with the placement, office partition installed together to each station, can not chaos chaos, easily lead to security and the use of hidden dangers Give the designer an effective budget range

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