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Valves in a I4 or V6 engine...?

Hi guys, i asked a question before pertaining to the amount of cylinders and asking if it meant V4 or V6 or whatever.I actually meant to say VALVES, not cylinders. IS there a direct correlation between VALVES and Clyinders..Eg, My car, which is a 2001 Neon LE states right on the engine block quot;16 VALVEquot; in bright letters. I am sure this is a 4 cylinder engine. I haven't had a car that broadcasted the number of VALVES before. Another car I had broadcast that is was a 3.3 Liter V6 right on the engine.Is there a mathematical relationship between VALVES and cylinders, or would my car be braodcasting 16 VALVES, because a 4 cylinder doesn't typically HAVE 16 valves, or what is the story??Recently, I was looking at an altima, and it said 24 valves. Can you tell just by the number of valves if it is a 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder or whatever??Thanks.


for every cylinder there is 4 valves..
All engines require one intake and one exhaust valve per cylinder. Period. That said, some engines are equipped with two intake and two exhaust valves per cylinder. So a four cylinder engine will be labeled as either an 8 valve or a 16 valve engine. And so forth for a six cylinder or an eight cylinder engine. In the motorcycle world, there are the rare engines equipped with either three valves per cylinder or five valves per cylinder. So if a manufacturer is advertising the number of valves per cylinder right on the car or engine, you can bet that engine is equipped with four valves per cylinder. 4 valves per cylinder is more expensive to manufacture than a 2 valve engine, but there is better performance with 4 valves per cylinder. To the last part of your question, 24 valves equates to a 6 cylinder engine. 24/4 = 6 (cylinders). I know of no engines with 6 valves per cylinder. Also Altimas are not available with 8 cylinder engines. Good Luck
Well a lot of valves signify that more air/gas is getting to the engine so it suggests a more powerful engine. So your car has 4 valves per cylinder. Now that's pretty much a standard number so most expensive cars don't really even talk about that. They mostly just advertise the displacement. You can't really tell the type of engine via the number of valves because it does vary by manufacturer. For example there could be a 16 valve V8 also also(2 valves per cylinder). There are some ratios that dont work like a 16 valve V6 because you cannot have 2.6 valves.
Simply the engine size and the number of cylinder, the 3.0 has 6 the 2.3 has 4, however both engines have four valves per cylinder(2 intakes 2 exhaust) and dual overhead cams(dohc)

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