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Visor or no visor for a scooter helmet?

Well I was thinking that if you did have a visor it could get quite stuffy and it might get cloudy and stop you being able to see, plus I have glasses so I don't know if that would make things worse.But what do other scooter owners prefer? What are the pros and cons of both?


In GA. (I don't know where your from) parking lots are Private Property. Tickets that can be given on private property (in GA.) include: 1) DUI 2) Reckless Driving 3) Parking in a fire lane 4) Parking in a handi-cap space Driving too slowly on private property is not onethat's exactly like being pulled over for driving too slowly in your own driveway.
Depends on the statutes in your jurisdiction but I'll offer this Most states don't allow law enforcement to enforce ordinary traffic violations on private property. Exceptions to this are the enforcement of DUI, Careless Driving and Reckless Driving. Officers are instructed that driving too slow is one of many indicia of intoxication. The fact that you were driving slowly in a parking lot, where there is no posted speed limit and many pedestrians, does not seem to be enough to rise to the level or reasonable suspicion to believe that a traffic offense is being committed. You should immediately consult with a criminal defense attorney in your town regarding this matter.
I'm not sure where you live but in Canada we can get them at the dollar store
Parking lots are typically private party and the police have very little authority to do anything unless called by the property owner.
not in a parking lot, there are no speed limits. cops probably want you driving as slow as you can in them anyway.

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