Water main valve broke off?

ok so the water main that comes into the basement the valve handle snapped off so how do i shut the water off so i can replace that valve? I called the water company and they said they cant shut off the supply to the house because it is private property and we have to call a plumber if so how can they shut the water off and on if we dont pay the bill?


Broken Water Valve
Near the curb on your street you will see the Concrete box with the metal lid. Take the whole lid off. The valve should be inside. You need a tool for this or you can do what I do. Put a Big crescent wrench on the valve. Then take larger Chanel locks and grab the crescent wrench and turn a full 180 degrees. Check your sinks for the results.
A few years ago the same thing happened to me. We could not shut the water off at the curb,at 8 feet below the grass line, as the tube leading to the deep down shut off valve had filled with dirt over the years. My brother was a master plumber and had a trick up his sleeve that he had used a few times for the same problem. My wash room was un finished so we decided to rough it. I held a five gallon bucket up side down over the valve while my brother removed the old valve. I deflected the water back to the floor while he screwed on the replacement valve while it was open, allowing the high pressure cold water to pass on through. We both got wet, but the new valve was in place. Electrolysis action had eroded the original valve stem away until it got so week that it snapped off. If you can, shut the water off at the curb stop, hire a plumber to do this for you.
The water company should do it?? But a plumber can do it to
If your on city water, you should have 2 valves, one on each side of the meter. The city is responsible for the valve on the street side of the meter. You are responsible for the valve on the house side of the meter. Follow the supply back to the foundation. Sometimes the city valve is not always next to the meter. If only one valve, my advice is to call a plumber. An alternative would be to spray the top of the stem with WD 40 or some other lubricant. Using vice grip pliers, gently work the stem back and forth until the valve opens(or in your case closes). Clockwise closes, counter clockwise opens. I caution again....... If the handle snapped off, the valve should be replaced as it is very old. You could end up snapping the valve off completely if not careful. If your successful getting the water turned off, cut the pipe on the house side of the valve and install a new shutoff (compression type fittings recommended). Once installed, leave your old valve open and use your new valve to turn the water on and off. Good luck.

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