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What are the manufacturing techniques of electrothermal?film?



The so-called mix design is the mixing ratio of raw materials used in heating film, this ratio varies with the purposes of films. The basic matters should be considered in designing: 1. impedance change rate. 2. hardenability prediction of the film after heating. 3. density (considering construction quality). CAD program is used in graphic design, painting process, after plasma treatment on the film, then paste the designed circuit with slurry which uses carbon and silver as main raw materials. Compared with previous silk screen type painting equipment, the DST painting equipment with metallic pattern has precise pattern and durability, is suitable for mass production of heating treatment in order to keep the quality of the heating part, it must be processed with high temperature. In order to prevent the deformation or damage of films in molding, and maintain a high quality, the temperature regulation mode of high precision temperature distribution is selected. In order to improve the system precision, automatic air volume control of hot air recirculation, foehn and ratio control is set. Strong chemical binding of insulating coatings of EVA and PE produces a very stable compound, which Provides guarantees for has fully chemical inertness, heat resistance and excellent stability. Although the material composition varies with temperatures, but the heating film that has demanding requirements on stability is world-class high performance polyester film which is now from SKC company. Quality inspection, in accordance with UL and CE certification standards of reliability assessment, carry out sampling inspection and full inspection. (test item) disruptive test, impedance variation rate, tensile strength test, insulation test.
Mix design---painting process---heat treatment---insulating material---quality inspection. Electrothermal?film can not be directly used for ground radiant heating. When it is installed patent PVC vacuum envelope, then it can be used for floor heating, and efficiency and service life can be ensured. The electrothermal?film can be divided into high temperature and low temperature electrothermal?film. High temperature electrothermal?film is generally used in electric products, military and so on.
Technology: 1. electrothermal?film wires should use different color: phase line----- the same color as the household power supply line. control line----black insulated wire; N line ---- blue insulated wire; PE line - green and yellow insulated wire. 2. use wires to connect the wires between electrothermal?film groups. The contacts should be pressed with special press plier in special cylindrical tube and pull the wires.

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