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What are the skills of wire cutting aluminum cutting?

I am engaged in line cutting, because the cut aluminum plate conductive block wear more fierce, molybdenum wire is often broken card, I do not know that heroes have unique skills, say, we share. Thanks.


The contact position between the conductive block and the electrode wire is often changed
The most effective way is to directly use the cutting aluminum electrode wire. Solve the problems of burning, conducting blocks, breaking wires, cutting workpieces and so on. Since the conductive system of machine tool of high and modified carbon brush structure is not the same, will cause the machine not successful,
Wire cutting is electrical discharge machining, which is developed on the basis of EDM, punching and forming. In some ways, EDM has been replaced by electrical discharge drilling. The processing object can be as long as the conductive metal parts. Cutting aluminum plate, steel plate effect is basically the same, but the cutting speed is different.

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